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Avri 2011
Yves Ryncki et Jacques Straesslé ont rejoint Switzerland-photos .com déjà composé de Maurice Schobinger, Pierre Abramoski et Patrice Schreyer,
Switzerland-photos .com est une banque d'images ne produisant qu'exclusivement des sujets sur la Suisse. (paysage,montagne,lac,architecture,les gens,le floklore etc.)
Switzerland-photos.com va, au fils du temps collecter photographiquement le patrimoine suisse dans ses formes les plus variées.

Mai 2011
Fantastique Lavaux
Maurice Schobinger et Jacques Straesslé vont donner une autre vision du Lavaux patrimoine de l'UNESCO, en éclairant d'une manière complexe les différents monuments classés.

Jacques Staesslé et Yves Ryncki, deux photographes connus de Suisses, ont rejoins l'équipe de Switzerland-photos.

Un des photographes de Switzerland-photos a réalisé une exposition itinérante en Suisse et un ouvrage sur un chapitre de l'histoire Russe : Stalingrad Volgograd mémoire.

Réalisation selon le même principe que le livre Altitude 4000 pour tous les sommets de l'arc alpin (France-Italie).

Automne 2008
Publication du livre Altitude 4000, un portrait de tous les les sommets culminant à de cette altitude en Suisse. Edition d'autre part.

October 2007
Photo concept up&down Ltd. is joining the One Percent for the Planet foundation: more info here !

August 2007
Launching of new gallery, "Light & Day", A fully new concept in photography, a combinaison of Daylight pictures and night flash exposure, gives remarquable and outstanding results. For all your building pictures; this is a unique technique. Ask us for a quote!

July 2007
Publishing of the book "altitude 4000", is pushed back to fall 2008.

June 2007
Pre-order your copie(s) of the book to come in november 2008 "altidude 4000", a new regards on the swiss 4000 meters summits. Subscription starting now at the special price of CHF. 59.- TTC. Click here to pre-order!
To view the layout of the book, click here!

January 2007
Exibition at the "Cité des Sciences & de l'industrie" in Paris. Starting february 14th 2007. READ NOW!

December 2006
Press article on one of switzerland-photos.com founder. Published in TYPE magazine edition october 2006. Read the article.

October 2006
During the month of october and november, we offre a 20% rebate on prints. Think about ordering your gifts for Christmas now. The shipping&handling in only due once!

September 2006
On september 6th, we were at the boring of the Gothard tunnel (the longest tunnel in the world) in Faido in Ticino.
Here are some of the pictures of that incredible moment: you can of course see all these pictures in the appropriate gallery or by entering "faido" in the "Search"!

August 2006
This month, we had quite some bad weather in the Alps, we came back with some great photographs of clouds and storms. It also did snow at quite low altitude, the summer lignt aded to the fresh snow gave us great pictures.

July 2006
Last month, we did architectural and industrial work for construction companies, and took pictures of the new Richemont headquarters in Geneva.
In July, we will photograph the Chavalon chimney in Wallis. We will need to rappel down into the 400-foot chimney in order to take pictures of the inside; we will also take samples of the concrete for subsequent analysis.

June 2006

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